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DKW RT 200/2 Operating Manual Operating Manual RT200/2
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DKW RT 200/2 Operating Manual Operating Manual RT200/2 DKW RT 200/2 Operating Manual Operating Manual RT200/2
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DKW RT 200/2 Operating Manual Operating Manual RT200/2

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Din A5
86 pages
Operating instructions for the DKW RT 200/2 motorcycle. Including wiring diagram and lubrication chart. Edition January 1955.

Overview of contents:
- Important information from the vehicle registration document
- Type plate, chassis and engine number

- Note for driving operation
- Filling up, mixing ratio, DESOLITE
- Tire pressure
- air pump, brake, lighting
- Control lever
- fuel tap, swab
- air lever, throttle twist grip
- Ignition and light switch
- Fade out
- kick starter, clutch lever, foot shift lever
- Foot and hand brake lever
- tilting stand, anti-theft device

- Your first ride
- Start
- Starting, Clutch, Shift
- Braking, stopping
- Running-in, fuel consumption
- Winter operation
- How do I stop my DKW motorcycle?

II. technical description
- Engine
- Gearbox and Clutch
- Carburetor
- handlebars, frame
- saddle, rear suspension, exhaust system
- Technical data

II. Maintenance and Care
- Regular maintenance work
- Carburettor cover
- Oil change in the gearbox
- Coupling
- Spark plug
- Battery
- Air filter, fuel filter
- Inclined jet carburetor
- Exhaust system, Electrical system
- ignition adjustment, telescopic fork
- Drive chain
- Brakes and hub
- Steering
- Tires, combustion residues
- Cleaning, paint care, chrome protection

- Practical advice
- Bilux bulb, fuse
- Change handbrake cable
- Change clutch and gas cable
- Front and rear wheel removal
- Flat tire
- Removing the ceiling
- Hose repair, mounting the ceiling
- Lubrication schedule, lubrication work, lubricants
- Circuit diagram, bulb table

IV. Advisor for malfunctions
A) Engine
1. control lamp does not burn
2. motor does not start, although control lamp is on
3. engine runs irregularly
4. blowback through the carburetor
5. the motor has stalled
6. motor does not reach the speed
7. motor knocks or rings
8. motor gets hot and does not pull
9. engine stops suddenly
10. clutch slips when starting
11. clutch engages, although disengaged
12. noises when switching

B) Electrical system
13. battery is not sufficiently charged
14. headlight does not burn
15. signal horn fails

C) Chassis
16. motorcycle pulls to one side

- Practical special accessories for the DKW motorcycle care products

VI. exchange parts (for the time being only for Germany) DKW service packs for foreign travelers
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