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Triumph BDG 125 Operating Instructions Manual
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Triumph BDG 125 Operating Instructions Manual
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Triumph BDG 125 Operating Instructions Manual

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45 pages
User manual for the Triumph BDG 125 double piston 2-stroke motorcycle. Edition 11/1951.

Table of contents
- Timetable
- Advantages of the double piston two-stroke engine
- Engine ( speed, transmission, gear)
- Electrical idle speed indicator
- Running in
- Refuelling
- Lubrication
- General driving instructions
- Fuel consumption
- The usual care
- Cleaning
- Removal of residues
- Lubrication table
- Lubrication schedule
- Air Filter
- Braking (adjustment, readjustment)
- Chains (topping up or renewing the oil in the chain box and gearbox; maintenance, removal and installation of the rear wheel chain; re-tensioning the rear wheel chain)
- Clutch (readjust)
- swinging saddle (adjustment)
- Driving characteristics
- Telescopic fork (mode of action, care)
- Steering (adjustment)
- Carburetor
- Ignition (ignition timing)
- Battery
- Fault plan
- Incorrect behaviour during the journey
- Hints for the maturity
- Removing the wheels
- Tire fitting
- Reinstallation of the wheels
- Removal (battery, carburetor)
- Winches for the workshop
- Removal and installation of piston pins and pistons
- Partial removal and installation of the telescopic fork
- Circuit diagram for electrical equipment
- Technical data
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