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Ford Model A, AA and AF 1928 User Manual
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Ford Model A, AA and AF 1928 User Manual
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Ford Model A, AA and AF 1928 User Manual

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Din A5
60 pages
Instruction manual for Ford Model A, AA and AF.
Edition 1928 in german.

Table of contents
- Ammeter
- Approach
- Stop
- Tempering
- Battery Care
- Fuel tank contents
- Brake Adjustment
- Fuel tank
*Fade out
*Fill in
- Fuel Filling
- Chassis lubrication diagram
- Dynamo charge current
- Storage of the trolley
- Setting
*Dynamo charge strength
*Clutch foot lever
*Shock absorber
*breaker contacts
*Fan belt
*Front wheel bearing
- Details, technical
- Electrical equipment
- Electrical wire
- Speedometer
- Gearshift
- Gear lubrication
- Rear axle lubrication
- Clutch foot lever adjustment
- Cooler
*Care in winter
- Cooling
- Stock
*Adjusting the front wheel bearings
- Engine
*Combination of the faults
- Plan of the electric line
- Pump
*Stoffbucket of the water pump
- Tires
- Gear shifting of the transmission
- Headlights
*Incandescent lamps
- Lubrication schedule
- Shock absorber
- breaker contacts, setting the
- fan belt, adjustment of the
- Hood, care of the
- Carburetor
*Fade out
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