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DKW RT 250/2 Operating Instructions Manual
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DKW RT 250/2 Operating Instructions Manual DKW RT 250/2 Operating Instructions Manual
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DKW RT 250/2 Operating Instructions Manual

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Din A5
84 pages
Instruction Manual for the DKW Motorcycle RT 250/2, edition June 1955.

Overview of contents:
I. Handling and operation of the motorcycle.
- Important information from the motor vehicle registration document or from the acceptance for export
- Type plate, chassis and engine number

Hints for the driving operation
- Filling up, DKW-SHELL -MIXER, mixing ratio
- Tire pressure
- air pump, brakes, lighting
- Operating lever
- fuel tap, swab
- air lever, throttle twist grip
- Ignition and light switch
- Fade out
- kick starter, clutch lever, foot shift lever
- Foot and hand brake lever
- tilting stand, anti-theft device

Your first ride
- Start
- Start up. Clutching, shifting
- Braking, stopping
- Running-in, fuel consumption

Winter operation
- How do I stop my DKW motorcycle?

II. technical description
- Gearbox and Clutch
- Carburetor
- alternator, ignition, exhaust system

- Telescopic Fork
- handlebar, saddle, frame, rear suspension
- Technical data

III. maintenance and care
- Regular maintenance work
- Carburetor cover, oil change in the gearbox
- Clutch, spark plug
- Battery
- Air filter, fuel filter
- Inclined jet carburetor
- Exhaust system, Electrical system
- ignition adjustment, telescopic fork
- Drive chain
- Brakes and hubs
- Steering
- Tires, combustion residues
- Cleaning, paint care, chrome protection
- Practical advice
- Sidecar connection
- Lubrication schedule
- Circuit diagram

IV. Advisor for malfunctions

V. DKW special accessories
- Practical special accessories for the DKW motorcycle
- Care products
- Exchange parts (not for export for the time being)
- DKW service packs for foreign travelers

Technical changes,
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