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DKW KM 200 and KM 200 Luxury operating instructions
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DKW KM 200 and KM 200 Luxury operating instructions DKW KM 200 and KM 200 Luxury operating instructions
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DKW KM 200 and KM 200 Luxury operating instructions

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90 pages
Operating instructions for the DKW motorcycles KM 200 and KM 200 Luxus. The appendix contains detailed information for the ignition and lighting system of the KM 200 Luxus. Including wiring diagram. Edition 1934/1935.

Table of contents

A) Operating resources
1. fuel
2. oil
3. mixture of fuel and oil
4. gear lubrication
5. lubrication of the vehicle
6. spark plug
7. proper battery filling
8. battery care
9. tire pressure

B) Important points for driving practice
10. starting the machine
11. gear shifting
12. rules for running in the new machine
13. operating the brakes

C) Maintenance and care of the machine
14. general operational controls
15. care and adjustment of the clutch
16. checking the control system
17. the drive chain
18. the brakes
19. the tires
20. cleaning of the vehicle
21. the DKW customer service

D) The carburetor
22. fuel consumption
23. normal adjustment of the carburettor
24. the conical nozzle needle
25. the idle speed setting
26. the air filter

E) The ignition and lighting system
27. the flywheel magnet
28. checking the ignition timing
29. testing the circuit breaker
30. the lighting system

F) Operation of the motor
31. operation of the motor

G) Faults and their remedy
32. motor does not start
33. the engine starts, but soon stops again
34. engine runs irregularly and does not perform satisfactorily
35. the engine overheats
36. the engine needs too much fuel
37. correct spark plug oiled
38. correct spark plug becomes too hot
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